Hi, I am Zeeshan, a

As a kid, I loved drawing cars, which sparked my interest in design. Over time, I grew curious about human behavior, which led me to focus on creating products and services centered around people. Through studying design, winning international challenges, and starting a career as a product designer, I gradually transitioned into product management and ownership roles.

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Work Portfolio

Car Wyapar is a used car listing platform by Kutaj.Tech, a newly formed startup. As the product owner, my role involves conducting primary research, translating stakeholders’ business mission into a tangible digital-first platform for listing cars.

One of the most thrilling aspects of my career journey has been witnessing the digital transformation of businesses. From collaborating with various clients, ranging from e-commerce to property listing, I’ve honed my skills in automating business workflows through product features. A recent highlight has been understanding the design of AI-first platforms, which has provided me with valuable insights and learning experiences.

Since August 2023, I’ve been working as a Product Consultant at Vaswebwork. My main duties involve interpreting clients’ product visions for various stakeholders, building feature backlogs, and concentrating on product design. This includes crafting wireframes and ensuring a smooth user experience (UX) for our products.

At Vaswebwork, there are in-house products like Vastrohealer, an astrology app, and Jiva, a mental wellbeing platform. Additionally, the company specializes in digital design and marketing. The clientele includes renowned companies such as McDonald’s, AVIS, and others. I managed the product design team till August 2023.

In the capacity of a product designer, my role included Wireframing, UX design and UI design for clients.

Car Wyapar Portfolio

Used Car Listing Platform


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This project was developed under the banner of Kutaj.Tech

Vastrohealer Portfolio

Vedic Astrology App


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This project was developed under the banner of Vaswebwork

Alma Mater

Zeeshan Ali UPES
M.Des, Transportation Design (2017-19)
  • Won 3 international design challenges.
  • Gold Medalist.
Zeeshan Ali UPES
B.Tech, Mechanical Engg. (2013-17)
  • Successfully cleared Mathematics 3 and Machine Design Backlogs.
  • Hated the engineering life, so developed a passion for reading and writing.
  • Flunked classes to write on Quora and got 4M views & 10K followers within 4 months.
  • Messed with H.O.D, still passed in his subject.

Author & co-author of 3 books

Fix Your Relationship
SEO Made Easy
20 Lessons on Psychology